Granite Worktops

Granite worktops give your kitchen a mark of quality and help transform you kitchen making it more desirable. Plus as granite is Natural and so gives you many colour variations, making your worktop custom to you.

Natural Cut Stone's. Team of Masons put a lot of effort and takes a real pride in the work we do. In most cases the member of our team who comes to template the kitchen for the worktops will be assigned that particular order and so will be with it and responserable throughout fabrication. Assuring that any details that the kitchen requires are taken into account and so cutting can be done to very fine accuracy. Giving very tight fit and very professional joints, something we pride ourselves.

We also have very good working relationships with our suppliers and so if we don't stock a particular material. You the client can go and pick you own particular scant/slab some time measuring as great as 3.400 x 2.100 meters in size assuring you that the colour match though out the kitchen will be to the highest standard.

Silestone Quartz Worktops

Silestone is the ideal surface for modern architecture and interior design. is mostly used for kitchen and bathroom worktops in which It is a world leader.

Silestone is a quartz surface with a sophisticated appearance it has the feel and weight of natural stone but with superior quality. Comprised of more than 90% natural quartz,

Silestone one of the most resistant and beautiful natural elements. It can create the most beautiful kitchen worktop or the most innovative commercial project. Its colour consistency is unrivalled by any other natural stone. It is manufactured using cutting-edge raw material sand is also extremely environmentally-friendly, as zero particles are emitted into the atmosphere during the manufacturing system and 98%of the water is reused in the process.

Silestone is the world leader in quartz surfaces and is exported to over 60 countries. Thanks to the extensive net work of the Cosentino Group, the

Silestone brand can be found all over the world and has become the sales leader in kitchen and bathroom surfaces, creating a strong brand with a undeniable reputation around the world.

Cimstone Quartz Worktops

Çimstone is one of the two major brands of AKG Insulation and Construction Materials Production and Trade Inc., which is a participation of AKG Group, an innovative producer of contemporary and reliable construction materials and a leading investor in the construction sector. Ranked among the leading quartz-based composite stone producers of the world Çimstone produces durable surfacing materials of exquisite properties applicable in various areas from countertop to flooring.

As a fabricator of their products. We can offer any of their range of colours and products cut and polished to you requirements. With the high level of skill our mason and team offer to all our products. Including our templating and fitting service.