Memorial Headstones

lidster_rl557_white_marble_childrens_memorials_monumental_masons_headstone_book_carved_cord_tassel_designEvery memorial is made to order, handcrafted by our skilled masons. We work closely with you, so that a fitting memorial and inscription that poignantly remembers your loved one is made.

Our service area is throughout the United Kingdom. We take care of the local authority or church permits, licences and memorial rights. these are complex forms requiring scale drawings and information that we research for you.

we understand the importance of quality craftsmanship and stone masonry within our workshops, and we always strive to develop trust with those who require our services. We earn this trust from our customers by providing the highest quality memorial headstones, giving you the best remembrance possible for a loved one who will be missed.

We have a range of sentimental designs available in the finest and most elegant materials, from traditional to more modern appearances, and all of our headstones also provide space for a personal inscription, with which we can provide assistance

Most people don’t want to ask what happens if another member of the family dies and they need to add another name to their memorial; this is routine to us, we will remove the memorial to allow the interment to take place and later reinstate it when the further inscription is added. Please use our contact page for more info.