Cutting Service

With many years expertise in our field, we manage to cut stone very accurately and efficiently. Achieving high yield and with minimal wast.
For this reason we are very confident to offer our services (as we have for years) to other companies and indviduals to assist them. Removing their problems of failing to meet call-off. Also production of items which are greater size than they can handle by simply delegating it to us to produce for them.

Our service cover :
Primary sawing (cutting of large rock into slabs)
Secondary sawing (cutting of slabs into rectangular sections)
Banker stone masons
Fixing stone masons
Cropping and dressing walling
CAD draft and design

Commonly producing items such as walling, Paving, Ashlar, 2 side sawn Scants/slabs, Window surrounds. And many more items.
All professionally packed, wrapped, labelled and weighed ready for collection. To a high standard ready for direct to your client delivery.