Terms and conditions

Trading Terms with Natural Cut Stone Ltd December 2019.

We offer retail customers 50% deposit with signed purchase order balance to be paid with cleared funds on completion, or payment in full with signed order when order placed. where requested by the Company (Natural Cut Stone Ltd), the Customer shall pay a deposit before any goods are produced, all deposits on account will be deducted from the contract price and shown on the final Invoice on completion, after cleared funds are received the goods are released to delivery/collection.

For our company clients that would like to trade regularly with us, we offer first time order payment by pro-forma, if you supply your company details we will create a trading account for you that will give you a 3% net discount off your invoice if paid in full within 14 days in the same month you place your order, or Full Invoice price on strictly 30 days from Invoice date, becomes due on Remittance date shown on Invoice, Unless you and N.C.S. have agreed on a different payment plan in writing before the order is taken on by N.C.S.

The Company reserves the right to charge interest on overdue accounts at the rate of 3.5% per month above UK Bank base rate and HSBC unarranged rate, we issue a statement in time for remittance date, a follow-up  reminder statement after 14 days overdue warning of the possibility of raising an Interest Invoice for the full month.

Items ordered within any month becomes due on remittance date on Invoice, any Monies outstanding after 30 days from Invoice date Will attract an Interest charge of 6.20% per month to accrue on a day to day basis from the Due date for payment until receipt by us of the full amount.

Interest charge is made up of: UK bank base rate 0.25% ..HSBC 2.70% (unarranged) 3.25% (reserved rights) totalling 6.20% per month of any outstanding balance and classed as (Unarranged Borrowing) Bac’s payments take up to 3 days to process, Cheques take a little longer, all payments to arrive at (Natural Cut Stone Ltd)  bank it time so as not to be passed remit date.

Failure to pay for any services, goods or delivery shall entitle the Company (Natural Cut Stone Ltd)  to suspend further work on any other order from the Customer without prejudice to any other right the Company  may have, and the Customer shall be liable for all costs and loss of profit incurred/suffered by the Company  and will result in loss or forfeit of any deposit paid or customers own supplied materials as a result of non completion of any such orders,

Any extra work, requirement or modification in relation to the goods which is not expressly specified in the contract or which is expressly excluded by these conditions and which the Customer requests shall be charged extra (including an appropriate allowance for profit) to the extent that such extra work, requirement or modification increases the cost to the Company of performance of the contract.

The Company (Natural Cut Stone Ltd) shall have absolute authority to retake, sell or otherwise deal with or dispose of all or any part of the goods in which title remains vested in the Company, All deposits on account taken in the course of the contract would be forfeited by the customer if they have not supplied the correct information to fulfil or frustrate the order.

For the purpose specified in above, the Company (Natural Cut Stone Ltd) or any of its agents or authorised representatives shall be entitled at any time and without notice to enter upon any premises in which the goods or any part thereof is stored or kept or is reasonably believed so to be.

The Company (Natural Cut Stone Ltd) shall be entitled to seek a Court Injunction to prevent the Customer from selling, transferring or otherwise disposing of any goods the Customer shall store or otherwise denote the goods in respect of which property remains with the Company  in such a way that the same can be recognised as the property of the Company (Natural Cut Stone Ltd).

The Customer’s right to use the goods or to resell them prior to full payment may be terminated forthwith by written notice given by the Company (Natural Cut Stone Ltd) to the Customer and shall automatically terminate with or without such notice if the Customer being an individual becomes bankrupt or insolvent or has an Interim Order made in respect of him or compounds with his creditors or calls any meeting of his creditors for the purpose of approving a Voluntary Arrangement or being a company has a winding up petition presented by any creditor or calls a meeting of creditors for the purposes of approving a Voluntary Arrangement or appointing a Liquidator, becomes insolvent or has a Receiver or Administrator appointed.

All goods sold from our premises attract Vat @ current rate, it is up to the customer to claim back Vat  from HM Revenue & Customs if they believe they should be Zero rated on a new build.

All goods are sold “ex works” your collection with the option of delivery at cost, any goods supplied on pallets will be charged at £6.00 plus vat per pallet and will be shown on the Invoice, all goods remain the property of ( Natural Cut Stone Ltd ) until paid for in full.

The risk in the goods passes to the Customer when either the goods are dispatched from the Company’s premises or the goods are stored by the company for later call off.

If the goods are uplifted (i.e. customer arranges transport) The Company (Natural Cut Stone Ltd) accepts no responsibility for any damage, shortage or loss in transit.  Claims for any damage, shortage or loss in transit should be made on the carrier, and any conditions imposed by the carrier in relation to claims for damage, shortage or loss in transit should be complied with.

If  (Natural Cut Stone Ltd) supply transport you shall inspect the goods upon delivery. If defects are noted we need images to enable us to put in a claim to our carriers if said damage has been done on their part, we will make good at our option by replacement or repair if not detrimental to the visual appearance, any defects in the goods due solely to defective workmanship or materials which are notified in writing to us; in the case of any defect discoverable upon reasonable examination, such notification must be made no later than 1 working day from the date of delivery and in the case of any defect not discoverable upon reasonable examination, such notification must be made within 3 working days of the delivery and must not have been used in any way, built, laid, etc:

The risk in manually lifting some items ordered falls to the customer to use the current Health & Safety guidelines on one man lift’s on loading and unloading.

Any items ordered for the purpose of bridging a space, i.e.: Lintel over a window space, Head over a doorway, In most cases the stone lintel must be supported by the installation of a Catnic or steel lintel as stone alone performs poorly under the tension of the load it must bear, It is the customers responsibility to ensure items ordered are used to current Building regulation’s and as such  (Natural Cut Stone Ltd) cannot guarantee the suitability of any item for any one project.

If the Company (Natural Cut Stone Ltd) arranges or undertakes the carriage, freight insurance and any other transport costs beyond the point of delivery; such costs shall be to the Customer’s account and shall not affect the provisions of the contract as to the passing of risk, It is a condition of every delivery that when the vehicle reaches its destination the customer shall unload promptly, delays in off loading beyond NCS’s control will incur additional charges when the delay exceeds 1 hour, split loads to different sites will incur extra charges.

No invoice will be accepted into the company for payment of goods supplied without a signed copy of the goods received note.

If you require a quick Estimate you need to supply NCS with a LIST / BOM or if you want NCS to take off from PDF’s / drawings please make sure All relevant sizes are included on drawings or on a bill of materials or NCS will charge £17.50 per hour for the time and  materials to print off  PDF’s / drawings for an estimate with incorrect or non-existing sizes, It is not safe to scale from PDF’s.

The customer shall at his own expense provide the Company with all drawings, details, schedules, cutting lists, bills of quantities and all other necessary documents and information to enable the Company to manufacture the goods and execute the works and, unless otherwise expressly agreed, the Company shall not be responsible for the provision of drawings for the purpose of design, working, or installation of the goods or otherwise, any drawings, designs and plans prepared by the Company (Natural Cut Stone Ltd) at the Customer’s request are provided for the sole purposes of calculating the measurements and quantities of goods required and for the purposes of illustration only, changes to drawings, designs, plans and estimates are limited to two revisions thereafter customer’s will be charged at £35 per hour.

It will be the customer’s duty to check the measurements and quantities shown in the drawings, designs, plans and estimates against the physical location where installation/fixing is to take place and to ensure that the same are accurate in all respects by signing Acceptance sheet or by paying a deposit on account forms a working contract and the Company (Natural Cut Stone Ltd) shall have no liability for any inaccuracies in such documents or losses arising from the same if the Customer has failed to carry out those checks and not let us know.

The Customer shall compensate the Company for any expense, damage or loss suffered as a result of any claims or proceedings made against the Company resulting from the use of any documentation or information supplied by the Customer to the Company, If for any reason the Customer is unable to, or refuses to, accept delivery of the goods when the goods are due and ready for delivery the Company may at its absolute discretion, subject to payment by the Customer for the goods, arrange storage of the goods and the Customer shall be liable to the Company for the reasonable costs (including insurance) of such storage, such costs being £25.00 per week per pallet but subject to periodic review. This provision is without prejudice to any other right which the Company may have in respect of the Customer’s failure to take delivery of the goods or to pay for them in accordance with the contract. Where delivery is delayed with the agreement of the Company at the Customer’s request, then the Customer shall be responsible for arranging collection and storage at its own expense and the Company shall have no further obligation in relation to delivery and storage.

It is strongly recommended that customers request or see physical samples of stone freely available from any range before placing orders, the Customer is responsible for ensuring that the goods are suitable for their intended purpose and no warranty condition or representation is given by the Company (Natural Cut Stone ltd) as to the fitness of the goods for any particular purpose unless otherwise expressly agreed.

The goods are sold on the express understanding that they are of natural stone which is subject to natural formation characteristics, variation in colour, texture and markings and are all part of the natural makeup and appeal of natural stone.

Whilst we pride ourselves on the quality of our stone and workmanship every effort is made to match the individual components for colour and texture, but we must bring to your attention the fact that some unavoidable variations may occur in the stone due to different beds within the quarry and are normal features that are out of our control.

Any such variations that may occur are confined within stringent tolerances and are a feature of stone, not a defect. It is these subtle variations and markings which help to give natural stone its special appeal and which will make your order truly unique. Only genuine natural products offer this wonderful, yet subtle variety.

Stone sealant / weather proofing / or any other finish to enhance / protect the product applied at the customer’s request is only guaranteed for 12 months from invoice date.

In line with most suppliers our Traditional walling stone is sold/supplied in built m2 using the coordinating dimensions of the stone which includes allowance for mortar fill.

We can hold finished orders in our stock yard for customers that need to call off over a longer period of time, we will not charge for this service but expect all items to be invoiced and paid for as     soon as they are produced.

Whilst we endeavour to give estimated collection times sometimes it is taken out of our control and we hope that you can be a little flexible on time.

Please ask for a no obligation quote for any and all of your requirements, with our extensive knowledge and experience we can accurately evaluate the requirements of projects of all sizes.

Jason Barrett  Operations director.www.naturalcutstone.co.uk